Wildlife in Cowal, Argyll

If you are interested in spotting wildlife, there is no better place in Scotland to stay.  We have resident red squirrels in the cottage gardens which are regularly seen, as well as deer and even pine martens.  In the sea lochs are common seals, porpoises with the occasional dolphin, basking shark and even sometimes a whale whereas around the edges of the sea lochs, otters can be seen.

Heaven for bird enthusiasts!

Cowal is particularly rich in birdlife with many ducks and waders on the shores and in the lochs. On the hills and moors live curlew, snipe, raven, red grouse, ptarmigan and golden eagle. On one or two of the hill lochans there are red-throated divers. Woodland provides habitat for flycatcher and redstart, warblers, finches and tits, with buzzards and the occasional sea eagle soaring overhead and occasionally black grouse.The shoreline provides even more bird species, including oystercatcher and heron. Eider and merganser can be spotted near the water's edge with the spectacular dive of a gannet farther out over the water a common sight.


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